The Panta Rhei session at AGU: a success

The Panta Rhei session at the AGU Fall meeting was a success in terms of attendance and scientific content. More than 50 presentations were given as oral talks and posters. Finally, the session was closed by a memorable dinner that was an unusual and exciting opportunities to share ideas. The dinner took place at the Panta Rei (yes, a "h" is missing in the spelling of "Rhei", but the quality of the dinner did not suffer) restaurant in Columbus Aveneu and was attended by some 30 presenters and conveners.
We are pleased to make available for download the presentations that were used to deliver the oral invited talks in the three themes that were treated during the sessions. We would like to thank very much the speakers for making the documents available.

The Panta Rhei dinner at the Panta Rei restaurant

Panta Rhei at AGU and the Panta Rhei Poster

The Panta Rhei session at the AGU Fall meeting is going to be held on Tuesday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 11. We will publish a report on the session that counts more than 50 contributions! A Poster on Panta Rhei will be presented in the session to introduce Panta Rhei to the international scientific community. The poster is available for download here!. I am looking forward to see in person all of you that are attending AGU!
Alberto Montanari

Call for Research Themes and Working Groups of Panta Rhei

The call for Research Themes and Working Groups of Panta Rhei was published on October 30, 2013. The publication of the call marks the actual start-up of the involvement of the community in Panta Rhei. Please read the call at the above linked pages. We are looking forward to receiving the feedback from the community, through innovative ideas and availability to establish a mutual cooperation.
Please do not hesitate to to contact us for any clarification!

Please beware that the first deadline for proposing Research Themes and Working Groups is fixed at January 31st, 2014.

The Panta Rhei Chair and Target Leaders

A great success is foreseen for the Panta Rhei session at the AGU Fall Meeting!

The next AGU Fall Meeting, to be held in San Francisco (USA) during December 9-13, 2013, will host a session framed within the context of Panta Rhei. The session, titled "H21N. Hydrological Change and Water Systems: Feedbacks, Prediction, and Experimental Management", is convened by Nandita Basu (University of Waterloo), Alberto Montanari (University of Bologna), Maria Cristina Bruno and Theodore Melis (USGS Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center). The oral presentations will take place on Tuesday, December 10, during the all day in room 3002 (Moscone West). Posters will be presented in the morning of Wednesday, December 11, Hall A-C (Moscone South).

The session has gained an exciting interest. 54 contributions were submitted that are focusing on the Panta Rhei themes. The symposium will be an exciting opportunity to get started with the activities of Panta Rhei and to bridge with existing initiatives and researches.

A visionary session on Panta Rhei will also be organised during the EGU meeting to be held in Vienna in April 2014. More details will be posted later.

I am looking forward to possibly seeing you in San Francisco!
Alberto Montanari

The Panta Rhei Target Leaders

Panta Rhei includes three targets, namely, (1) Understanding, (2) Estimation and prediction and (3) Science in practice. Each target is led by a Target Leader and a Target Co-Leader. Target Leaders are nominated for a biennium and their role is to assist the Panta Rhei Chair in overseeing the scientific activity that is carried out within Panta Rhei and to keep the links with the community. The tasks of the Target Leaders include the identification and preliminary approval of Research Themes and Working Groups (the final approval is formalised by the IAHS Bureau), the organisation of Panta Rhei initiatives (scientific session at conferences, educational initiatives, summer schools etc.) and the synthesis of the activity that is carried out under each target.

The Target Leaders for the Biennium 2013-2015 are:


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