The Panta Rhei Working Groups

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The Panta Rhei Working Groups
Last update: March 2, 2014

The Working Groups are expected to promote the research activity of Panta Rhei. They have been built by the community by submitting a proposal to the Panta Rhei leadership. The governance of Panta Rhei was recently stimulated to deliver guidelines for the activity of the Working Groups (WGs). Please feel free to deliver any suggestion you may have to improve the document.
The list of Working Groups follows here below, along with their related proposal that describes the planned activity and the membership.

  1. Hydro-meteorological extremes: Decision making in an uncertain environment - Chair: Adrián Pedrozo-Acuña - Proposal
  2. Large dams, society, and environment - Chair: Bellie Sivakumar - Proposal
  3. Thirsty future: energy and food impacts on water - Chair: Ana Mijic - Proposal
  4. Changing biogeochemistry of aquatic systems in the Anthropocene - Chair: Hong-Yi Li - Proposal
  5. Transdisciplinarity - Chair: Tobias Krueger - Proposal
  6. Natural and man-made control systems in water resources - Chair: Ronald van Nooijen - Proposal
  7. Water and energy fluxes in a changing environment - Chair: Maria J. Polo - Proposal
  8. Epistemic uncertainties - Chair: Paul Smith - Proposal
  9. Comparative water footprint studies - Chair: Arjen Y. Hoekstra - Proposal
  10. Hydrologic services and hazards in multiple ungauged basins - Chair: Hilary McMillan - Proposal
  11. Understanding flood changes - Chair: Alberto Viglione - Proposal
  12. Physics of hydrological predictability - Chair: Alexander Gelfan - Proposal
  13. Mountain hydrology - Chair: Shreedhar Maskey - Proposal
  14. Large sample hydrology - Chair: Vazkén Andreassian - Proposal
  15. Socio-hydrologic modeling and synthesis - Chair: Veena Srinivasan - Proposal
  16. Sustainable water supply in a urban change - Chair: Tatiana Bibikova - Proposal
  17. Water footprint of cities - Chair: Alfonso Mejia - Proposal
  18. Evolving urban water systems - Chair: Alfonso Mejia - Proposal
  19. Changes in flood risk - Chair: Heidi Kreibich - Proposal
  20. Anthropogenic and climatic controls on water availability (ACCuRAcY) - Chair: Attilio Castellarin - Proposal
  21. Floods in historical cities - Chair: Alberto Montanari - Proposal
  22. Prediction under Change (PUC) - Chair: Hafzullah Aksoy - Proposal
  23. Data-driven Hydrology - Chair: Elena Toth - Proposal
  24. Modeling Hydrological Processes and Changes - Chair: Yangbo Chen - Proposal
  25. Resilience-based management of natural resources: the fundamental role of water and soil in functional ecosystems - Chair: David Finger - Proposal
  26. Integrating history, social conflicts and hydrology: From semi pristine to highly modified hydrological systems - Chair: Victor Rosales Sierra - Proposal
  27. Drought in the Anthropocene - Chair: Anne Van Loon - Proposal
  28. Water scarcity assessment: methodology and application - Chair: Junguo Liu - Proposal
  29. Improving Hydrological Systems Knowledge - Chair: Jun Xia - Proposal
  30. Process-based hydrologic modeling for decision making - Chair: Chaopeng Shen - Proposal

The reports of the activity carried out by the Panta Rhei Working Groups in 2014 is available for download here below. The WGs have carried out an amazing activity last year, therefore proving the enthusiasm of the Panta Rhei researchers and the popularity and significance of the Panta Rhei themes.
I would like to thank very much the WG Leaders and all the researchers that are working in Panta Rhei. We are more than 400 people, and therefore the Panta Rhei community is numerous and solid.
A summary of the Panta Rhei activity will be presented at the IAHS General Assembly that will take place in June in Prague. I hope to see many of you there.
Alberto Montanari
Panta Rhei Chair 2013-15
Reports of the activity of the WG in 2014