EGU Topical Meeting: Validation in Flood Risk Modelling

This workshop is co-sponsored by EGU, and Deltares, and is part of the Panta Rhei working group activities of the IAHS
9/10 December 2014, Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands
Please submit abstracts (limited to 500 words) by 15 October 2014 to:
Flood risk analysis, which is used to make important and often expensive decisions, is complex and subject to significant uncertainty. The fact that this information is important but also uncertain has led to an increasing requirement to verify and validate flood risk analyses.
In this workshop we aim to gain an overview of validation and verification methods for models used in flood risk analysis \u2013 specifically for models of processes for which only limited observations are available (e.g., levee
failure, inundation, and flood impacts). In these cases, traditional validation techniques that require a lot of data are not applicable.
This workshop will bring together international experts on flood hazard estimation and risk assessment, working on fluvial, pluvial, coastal, and flash floods. The goal is to critically discuss to what extent current approaches and models are able to accurately estimate hazard, failure, exposure, and vulnerability \u2013 in sum: flood risk. The workshop will provide a platform to share best practices to validate and evaluate flood risk models.
We will work together to compose a definitive summary of the state-of-the art in flood risk validation \u2013 highlighting gaps and research needs \u2013 with the aim of getting flood risk validation a higher priority on the research agenda.
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