A Panta Rhei Session at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference

Session "4.II - Adaptation to changing flood risk" at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference, 12th to 14th of May, 2015, in Copenhagen
The session is organised by the Panta Rhei Working group “Changes in flood risk” chaired by Heidi Kreibich and Sergiy Vorogushyn.
Abstracts can be submitted by following the appropriate link at the conference website. The deadline for abstract submission is 1st of February, 2015.
Flood damage has been increasing globally and in Europe during recent decades, which is assumed to be mainly related to socio-economic factors, such as accumulation of assets and increasing susceptibility in flood-prone areas. However, other factors play a role as well, such as climate change and human interventions in river systems and catchments.
Due to expected further increases of flood damage, European countries reconsider their policies for flood risk management and develop climate adaptation strategies. This requires analyses of changing flood risk, projections of future flood losses and the assessment of which strategic adaptation alternatives are to be preferred. To support such an assessment, the IAHS Panta Rhei working group “Changes in flood risk” aims at understanding, quantifying and modelling the linkages between physical or socio-economic drivers and changes in flood risk as well as exploring adaptation pathways. Risks included here result from pluvial, river and coastal flooding.
The main aim of this session is to present and discuss results from various countries and disciplines on changing flood risk, risk management and adaptation. Explicit links will be sought to practical problems and solutions, and abstracts are invited for talks that cover research as well as practical implementation of risk assessment and adaptation plans.
A detailed description of the session can be downloaded here.