Panta Rhei introduced to the National Hydrological Associations

Panta Rhei has been introduced to the major National Hydrological Associations (NHA) that are affiliated to IAHS, during the meeting of the NHAs that took place on Gotheborg, on July 27, 2013.
The IAHS Scientific Decade 2013-2022 has been presented by Alberto Montanari who summarised the targets and the Science Questions of Panta Rhei.
The interest of National Hydrological Associations is significant. Many of them are looking forward to the next call for research themes and working groups.
The picture has been taken during the meeting.

Panta Rhei launched!

Panta Rhei has been launched during the IAHS General Assembly held in Gotheborg during July 22-26, 2013. Panta Rhei officially took off on Wednesday, July 24th, when I gave the start-up talk.
The powerpoint presentation of the talk can be downloaded here. The video of the talk is available here.

Panta Rhei

Next steps
Target Leaders for Panta Rhei will be identified soon, on invitation by the IAHS bureau.
A call for research themes (RT) and working groups (WG) has been launched to the IAHS Commissions, and proposals are being received. A public call for RT and WG will also be issued soon on the web site. Please stay tuned and visit us! All the proposals that will be received for RT and WG will be reviewed by the Panta Rhei Chair and Target Leaders in order to ensure coherence and cooperation, and will be finally approved by the IAHS bureau.


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