At the 2017 scientific assembly in Port Elizabeth (South Africa) I gave a perspective talk titled "Should we reconsider the conceptual structure of hydrological models?". My presentation is a bit provocative and focuses on stochastic physically-based modeling of hydrological processes.

I gave a talk on the river memory experiment at the 2017 scientific assembly in Port Elizabeth (South Africa).

I presented a perspective on the status of the IAHS scientific decade 2013-2022 Panta Rhei at the IAHS 2017 scientific assembly in Port Elizabeth (South Africa). Panta Rhei is about change in hydrology and society.

Coastal engineering made easy is a pretentious title for an evolving e-book that is meant to provide an introductory reference to students who are interested in the design of coastal structures for beach preservation and restoration.


My presentation at the Distinguished Lectures Series - University of Saskatchewan

I have been recently delighted to deliver an invited presentation at the University of Saskatchewan, within their Distinguished Lectures Series. I decided to present my perspective on recent developments in hydrology and ways forward. The title of the talk is "Seeking a Step Forward in Research and Education in Water Science". My presentation (18 Mb) is available for download at the link at the bottom of this page.
The video of the lecture is available here below.

Thank you for your interest.

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