My invited presentation at Uppsala University (January 30, 2018) can be downloaded at the link below. Thank you for your interest.

Indications for applying to the Erasmus+ call

Exchanges coordinated by me:
D DARMSTA01 - Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2 positions with 12-month duration

My presentation at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017 titled "Recent breakthroughs and themes in hydrology, from climate to the water-food-energy nexus" is available for download at the link below. It is essentially a synthesis of my editorial experience in Water Resources Research.

My presentation at the meeting of the Life-Iris project "Improve resilience of the industrial sector" (Bomporto, November 21, 2017) titled "Climate change: extreme rainfall, flood risk and adaptation strategies" (in Italian) can be downloaded at the link below.

Web site providing information, tutorials and videos for the master degree course on Mountain Rivers Training. The web page is in Italian.


Poster on new paradigms in research and education

At the link below my poster in Italian titled "Nuovi Paradigmi per la Ricerca e l’Insegnamento in Idrologia e Costruzioni Idrauliche" can be downloaded. The poster has been presented at the 2016 Italian National Conference on Hydraulics and Hydraulic Works and focuses on new paradigms for research and education in hydrology and engineering.
An english version, that has been presented at the Eric Wood Symposium 2016, can be downloaded at the second link below. The two posters are not identical but they are presenting the same concepts.

Grazie per l'interesse.