My invited presentation at Uppsala University (January 30, 2018) can be downloaded at the link below. Thank you for your interest.

Indications for applying to the Erasmus+ call

Exchanges coordinated by me:
D DARMSTA01 - Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt, 2 positions with 12-month duration

My presentation at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017 titled "Recent breakthroughs and themes in hydrology, from climate to the water-food-energy nexus" is available for download at the link below. It is essentially a synthesis of my editorial experience in Water Resources Research.

My presentation at the meeting of the Life-Iris project "Improve resilience of the industrial sector" (Bomporto, November 21, 2017) titled "Climate change: extreme rainfall, flood risk and adaptation strategies" (in Italian) can be downloaded at the link below.

Web site providing information, tutorials and videos for the master degree course on Mountain Rivers Training. The web page is in Italian.


Tutorials for Advanced Hydrology 2016

Please find here below the slides and tutorial documents of the course on Advanced Hydrology. Please send me an e-mail if you would like to fix an appointment for further clarifications on the classes. Please note that the documents below are first copied from the past year's list and will be continuously updated as lectures go on. Therefore please check the current page once in a while. Moreover, please do not forget that the videos of the lectures are available here.

Calendar of the lectures

The calendar of the lectures will follow the official schedule. Some changes may be possible that will be communicated directly to the students and by email if necessary. The preliminary schedule of the lectures is as follows:

  • Feb 25, 1 hour
  • Feb 26, 2 hours
  • March 3, 3 hours
  • March 4, 2 hours
  • March 10, 3 hours
  • March 11, 2 hours
  • March 31, 3 hours
  • April 1, 2 hours
  • April 7, 3 hours
  • April 8, 2 hours
  • April 13, 2 hours
  • April 14, 3 hours
  • April 15, 2 hours
  • April 28, 3 hours
  • April 29, 2 hours
  • May 5, 3 hours
  • May 6, 2 hours
  • May 12, 3 hours
  • May 13, 2 hours
  • May 25, 3 hours
  • May 27, 2 hours

Thank you very much for your interest.
Alberto Montanari

Supporting documents
Introduction to the learning process adopted in the course

Paper on the international scientific decade 2013-2022 of IAHS
This paper should not be studied. It is made available to provide students with an example of an opinion (scientific) paper that draws the attention to change in hydrology and its relationship with human impact.

Design peak flow and design hydrograph estimation

Rainfall-Runoff modelling

Model calibration and validation

Estimation of water resources availability - Surface water

Assessment of human impact

Supporting documents to be checked and eventually to be made available later (last update: May 26th, 2016)

Water Resources Management: The case of the Emilia-Romagna region


Powerpoint presentation on infiltration modelling

Handbook on infiltration modelling

Introduction to R
First exercise - Peak river flow estimation for the Secchia River
Second exercise "Application of the linear reservoir rainfall-runoff model"

Text of the exercise "Calibration of the Hymod rainfall-runoff model"

Text of the exercise "Simulation of daily river flows for the Po River by using stochastic processes"

Text of the exercise "Computation of the Standardized Precipitation Index for a synthetic series of mean areal precipitation"