La mia presentazione ad invito alla Uppsala University (30 gennaio 2018) può essere scaricata al link in calce. Grazie per l'interesse.
A presto,

Indications for applying to the Erasmus+ call

Exchanges coordinated by me:
D DARMSTA01 - Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2 positions with 12-month duration

La mia presentazione all'AGU Fall Meeting 2017 intitolata "Recent breakthroughs and themes in hydrology, from climate to the water-food-energy nexus" è disponibile al link indicato in calce. E' essenzialmente una sintesi della mia esperienza editorial a Water Resources Research.

La mia presentazione al meeting del Life-Iris project "Miglioramento della resilienza del settore industriale: il caso studio di Bomporto" (Bomporto, 21 Novembre 2017) intitolata "Cambiamenti climatici: precipitazioni intense, rischio di alluvioni e strategie di adattamento" può essere scaricata

Sito di riferimento per l'insegnamento, le esercitazioni ed il materiale a supporto della didattica.


Bando Erasmus+ 2018 - Una breve guida per studenti interessati ai miei scambi (in Inglese)

Indications for applying to the Erasmus+ call

Exchanges coordinated by me:
D DARMSTA01 - Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2 positions with 12-month duration
E SALAMAN02 - Universidad de Salamanca, 8 positions with 10-month duration
E VALENCI02 - UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE VALÈNCIA, 3 positions with 9-month duration
NL DELFT01 - TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT DELFT, 3 positions with 5-month duration

General remarks:

  • Students are kindly required to check the language requirements for the host university.
  • Students should check the priorities for each exchange in terms of degree programmes attended at the University of Bologna, by considering that students with priority are ranked first.
  • The evaluation is carried out by considering the average mark of the exams (including the mark of the bachelor degree for students attending the first year of their master degree) and the motivation letter.
  • Students are responsible for the preparation of the learning agreement. They are kindly required to check courses availability on the web site of the hosting university, by carefully verifying the semester when courses are delivered, which of course must be the same semester as the mobility. Students may eventually consult the coordinator of the degree programme, or his/her delegates, for advice. Please note that I cannot provide advice on the the learning agreement, as I do not have access to updated information.
  • In my exchange students are not allowed to include their final year project in their learning agreement.

Specific remarks:

  • For the exchange of Salamanca students are advised to pay attention to the campus where courses are delivered. A university campus is located outside the city and it is not easy to reach.
  • I have a long experience with Valencia, which always received a very good feedback from my students. Exchange courses are easy to find . It’s not a highly requested exchange, I suggest to consider it, as in my opinion it is a very good opportunity.
  • In Darmstadt courses are generally taught in German, but I suggest students to get an updated overview of their programmes as they reported their intention to activate some courses in English.
  • Uppsala is a great place, with a challenging weather in the first semester. It is possible to attend courses delivered by the Earth Sciences Department only, which does not offer degree programmes in engineering. However, students attending our degree programme in Environmental Engineering usually find exchange courses there.
  • Delft is great, byt Delft University of Technology is quite rigid. They do not allow any extension of the stay, and therefore students are kindly required to check whether a 5-month stay is long enough to take the exams. It’s a very competitive exchange, with priority given to the students of the international master degree programmes. Therefore, I discourage the application of students attending degree programmes taught in Italian.

More details can be requested to me.

Alberto Montanari